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Turnpoint Consulting will help you identify the best opportunities in the market.  

Our depth of client knowledge and their needs allow us to provide you with a more holistic view of a company, the interview process, expectations and offering beyond the typical job description you have become accustomed to relying on.

If you are geared for professional growth and are open to getting exposure to opportunities for your career, get in touch.

Our philosophy is best described as a consultative listen-first approach to creating long term relationships while striving to add value and differentiate ourselves in the market by providing quality over quantity -  targeted and expertly aligned results for both candidates and clients.

The majority of the opportunities we represent are with foreign capital clients for Japan-based opportunities although we do work with Japanese firms who are international in mindset and process.  

We will take a great deal of time to make sure that not only the role, responsiblities and career path are aligned with your skills and expectations, but that culturally you will fit with the companies we present to you. This approach will help manage the risk of job change and increase the possibility of a long-term match.

Our specialized consultants' notable introduction-to-hire ratio saves valuable time for clients and candidates.


Expectations of our Candidates:

If you're not interested in getting to know us and having an intial meeting to go through questions which will help us evaluate where you are and where you could be in the future, then we might not be the right firm for you. We are respected for the credibility we have in our ability to help align your skills and needs with the right opportunities and with the right company. We will let you know (nicely) if we cannot help you or point you in the right direction to another firm should we feel that our relationship is not currently ready to partner for your job change and we're in the habit of providing advice and insight when the only benefit is purely to build a relationship with you for the future.
Openness & Honesty
While we may have ideas for you before we even have our first meeting - we will never assume to know what you want or what is right for you. What we want to do is to work with complete mutual openness and honesty - to fully understand the issues, needs and wants which you have and to see if there is a variance between where you are today and where you want to be in the future. Our goal is to help you evaluate whether there are opportunities in the market that can track you to your goals faster than staying with your current firm - and then to help you get there.  
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