カストロ クリス| Castro Chris

Team Manager 

2018年に日本へ移住し、同年Turnpoint Consultingに加わる。フィリピン出身、著名な工科大学であるマプア工科大学の学士課程で電子工学と通信工学を学ぶ。


自動車業界のTier 1を専門とし、組み込みソフトウェア、プログラム管理、センサー、レーダー、営業管理、事業開発を主に担当。


  • 外資サプライヤー企業
  • 外資CASEテクノロジー企業


Our company will not be in business for more than 5 years without the trust and the strong support that you have continuously giving us. We are grateful and honored and we hope to maintain the quality of our relationship for the long upcoming future ahead of us.

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The journey that you make in your career is a part of life that can never be changed, We will be forever grateful for the opportunity to let us guide you with the next step of that life changing decision.

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30代後半 外資大手自動車部品メーカー→ 外資大手自動車部品メーカー

“I felt completely fulfilled with the service since your consulting provided me with great support. Without your helpful advice and successful negotiat”