Julia Morita

Technology & Mobility Services Team| Consultant 

Julia was born and raised in Los Angeles, but has visited her grandparents and family in Tochigi often. After graduating in 2021 from the University of California, Davis, she moved to Tokyo and joined Turnpoint Consulting that same year.

She loves how every day brings a new opportunity to meet and get to know someone new. As a specialist in mobility and IT, financial services, she likes to research and identify new, exciting opportunities to introduce.

Her hobbies include cooking and exploring new places. She enjoys growing her own plants and flowers – like a sprout, she is looking forward to cultivating relationships with you!

Main Area

    • IT/ Technology Firm
    • Tier 1 Supplier

Message to Client

What do you feel are the biggest challenges you face when hiring? And how can I help ease this difficulty for you?

When we work together, these are two big questions I want to address and solve. I will do my best to support you in your hiring, and asking questions like these play a large role in efficient action.

I enjoy our interactions and I want to develop our strong relationship, so please feel comfortable sharing your feedback and wishes with me. I am happy to hear about your firm from your perspective – our conversations together help me bring your story to life when introducing to a candidate.

Whether we will soon be starting to work together, or we already have a strong established partnership, I look forward to collaborating and growing together!

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Message to Candidate

We all have a different career path – unique to ourselves! Maybe you know exactly what you want to do and what steps you need to take to get there. Or maybe you don’t know what job will be interesting to you and make you feel fulfilled. Whatever your situation is, it is completely okay, and I will be by your side to support you and help create the best quality of life for yourself and your loved ones.

What can I do to help you?

I want to introduce ideas that you may not have considered before, address your concerns and questions, and provide advice moving through an interview process. Ultimately, I want you to feel comfortable sharing your thoughts with me, so I can effectively help guide you through the process.

Even if you are not looking to advance your career immediately, I am more than happy to get to know you and prepare for future opportunities. Looking forward to embarking on this journey together!

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