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March 3, 2023

1. Tesla to build new factory in Mexico

In addition to Tesla’s plans to build a new factory in Mexico, BMW is also reportedly considering building a factory in the country. The German automaker is said to be in talks with several Mexican states about the possibility of constructing a new production facility that would manufacture EVs for the North American market.

LG-Magna also start production of electric vehicle components which is e-motors, inverters, and on-board chargers at a new plant in Mexico later this year.

Mexico has become an attractive location for automakers and suppliers due to its proximity to the United States and its lower labor costs. The country has also been investing in infrastructure and incentives to attract new investment in the automotive industry.

The growth of the EV market has further increased interest in Mexico as a manufacturing location, with several companies seeking to establish a presence in the country. The new factories and production facilities are expected to create thousands of jobs and contribute to the country’s economic development.

February 8, 2023

2. Nissan to Launch EV with Solid-State Batteries in Five Years

Nissan Motor Co. reportedly plans to introduce electric vehicles (EVs) powered by solid-state batteries within the next five years.

Nissan initially announced its involvement in the development of solid-state batteries for EVs in 2021, stating that it would build a pilot facility to manufacture prototype cells. A year later, a prototype was being developed at Nissan’s research center in Kanagawa, Japan.

Now, Nissan executives in Europe say they plan to produce a limited number of pilot solid-state batteries by 2025, complete engineering of the initial technology by 2026, and realize the first production EV with this technology by 2028.

In addition, the same report states that Nissan is taking steps to further develop its current lithium-ion battery technology, with the goal of releasing next-generation cells within the next few years and cobalt-free cells by 2028, which could reduce costs by up to 65%.

February 24, 2023

3.JLR opens new hubs to create self-driving technologies in Europe

Jaguar Land Rover (JLR) has announced plans to establish three new tech hubs in Europe (Germany, Italy, and Spain).

These hubs will be set up to develop autonomous driving systems for JLR’s next generation of luxury vehicles and are in addition to the six existing global technology hubs. Together, these hubs employ more than 1,100 engineers and form part of JLR’s nearly 9,000-strong global engineering force.

The creation of the three new tech hubs marks the progression of a multi-year partnership between JLR and NVIDIA, a leader in AI and computing, under which JLR engineers are developing and JLR engineers are working to develop and deliver the next generation of self-driving systems, digital services, and customer experiences.

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