Insecurities in the Hiring Process

Insecurities in the Hiring Process

Years ago I read a quote from “Lee” Iacocca of the Chrysler Corporation (FCA US, LLC) regarding hiring:

“I hire people brighter than me and then I get out of their way”

Brighter, more qualified, harder working – whatever the qualifying words may be, I believe it to be true that to raise the average of an organization you need to be fearless when it comes to hiring people who are overqualified or have greater potential than the current average of the organization.

The absolute worst feedback to swallow in my opinion, from a company regarding a potential employee is that he or she is “over qualified”. It speaks to the insecurities of the hiring manager and it hinders the organization from hiring for the future.

Let’s be honest with ourselves with this point in particular – is it at all in the interest of the firm to hire people with less potential or who are less qualified for the role?

I can’t count how many times I’ve seen teams built around a manager who in some warped way is simply trying to build a team where he or she can secure their own position by making sure there isn’t anyone who can challenge their own role in the future.

The buck stops with the Top Dog of course – if the head of the organization hires in this way or allows hiring managers to hire in this way, then the company is slowly cutting off the lifeblood of the organization and without any doubt, lowering the average of the firm.
Throw away your insecurities and allow yourself the pleasure of hiring the best.

As long as the organization respects report lines and provides mentorship and training for the development of your newly uncovered weaknesses (and they will emerge), professionally both you and your organization will reap the rewards of this strategy.

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