Turnpoint Consulting will help you identify, screen and attract the best talent in the automotive industry. If your firm is looking for exposure to top quality candidates in the market get in touch - we do it exceptionally well.

Our philosophy is best described as a consultative listen-first approach to creating long term relationships while striving to add value and differentiate ourselves in the market by providing quality over quantity -  targeted and expertly aligned results for both candidates and clients.

The majority of our clients are foreign capitalized although we are happy to work with any Japanese firms who are international in mindset and process.  

Whether a small business or large enterprise, we take the time to understand clients’ business, culture, history and priorities.

This approach enables team members to knowledgably explain a client’s business and culture to potential hires and enhances candidate satisfaction and the possibility of a long-term match.

Our specialized consultants' notable introduction-to-hire ratio saves valuable time for clients and candidates.

A Recruitment Partnership that Works

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Clients elements

We partner very deeply with our clients - turbocharging them in terms of human capital through understanding both their organizational needs and structures as well as the corporate personality of the company, teams and hiring managers. We believe in prioritizing clients who show us the courtesy of a deep and meaningful professional relationship. The following are criteria we use for determining which clients get exposure to the strongest candidates.

Decision-Maker Access
Our experience tells us that without a doubt, to have the best understanding of a search and the business objectives surrounding that search, direct access to the decision maker(s) is required.
We’re more effective when searches are run by stakeholders who are key decision makers in the process. 
Sense of Urgency
We don't like wasting the time of our clients, candidates or consultants - we need to know that a particular search is of critical strategic or operational importance ot your firm. In other words - we will work with you upfront to define and determine if there really is a clear sense of urgency to hire.
The Japan recruitment market is one of the most competitive globally for talent - a small talent pool coupled with a sea of foreign companies vying for this talent pool means that unusually long, unclear and poorly defined interview processes significantly increases the chance of losing a candidate to a competing offer. We will prioritize firms who will work hand in hand with us to put together an extremely efficient, well-defined recruitment process.
Compelling Story
In order to attract top talent, there must be a compelling reason for the candidate to have interest in your company and in the opportunity. We will represent your firm and the opportunity to candidates and we cannot do this from information gleaned from your website alone - it simply isn't enough to outsell your competition. We will take the time to deeply understand and evaluate and represent your firm's compelling story including your leadership team, career growth opportunities and where you're going.
Fee Structure
The Japan market is arguably the most expensive market to recruit for in the world. We focus our efforts on working with clients who understand this and can trust us in our fee structures as well as with regards to exclusivity.



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