We partner with automotive companies that have operations in the Japan market, and we’re proud to have many of the industry’s most well-known brands as our trusted clients.

Turnpoint Consulting’s industry-specialized recruiters are constantly identifying, screening and attracting the best automotive talent in the market. Our philosophy is a consultative listen-first approach, which allows us to create long-term relationships, so that when specific hiring needs open up in your organization, we can be quick off the starting grid.

At the same time, with each new assignment we start a proactive search to reach out into the market to uncover talented automotive professionals. While some potential candidates might not be actively looking for new opportunities, we are skilled at connecting with those who may be open to advancement in their careers.

Partnering with us provides you with a consultancy experience like no other, thanks to our industry focus and professionalism.


Working Closely with Decision-Makers

When we recruit for companies, we value direct access to decision-makers. This provides us with clarity when identifying the hard skills of the professionals we introduce, as well as how well they would fit in with the team and company culture.


Navigating Your Needs

We prioritize the roles that are most critical for our client companies’ organizational needs. Although you may not need a navigator when you’re going on a Sunday drive, when you just can’t afford to make a wrong turn with a critical hire, the wisest course of action is to partner with us so we can help you navigate.


Crafting an Efficient Recruitment Process

Japan’s recruitment market is one of the most competitive globally for talent, with a small talent pool coupled with many firms vying for the best of the best. If you make decisions too quickly, you’ll end up making hiring mistakes, but if you’re too slow, you’ll inevitably lose potential high-caliber talent to your competitors. We will work closely with you to craft an efficient, well-defined recruitment process.


Telling a Compelling Story

Candidates are not only attracted to a good position, they are drawn to the essence of the company itself and the authenticity of its people. We take the time to fully understand and evaluate your firm’s compelling story, including background information on your leadership team, career growth opportunities, and the future direction of your firm. This allows us to represent your company to candidates in a comprehensive way and tells them more than what they can learn from websites, press releases, or rumors in the market.


Our Fee Structure

The Japan market is arguably the most expensive market to recruit for in the world. We provide a high caliber service and work with clients who understand this and can respect the value we bring to the hiring process.

We are here to provide support or advice when needed so contact us anytime.

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