Strategic Talent Acquisition to Drive Business Growth

High Expertise and Industry Knowledge

Resume Pass Rate 4.2 Times Higher than Industry Average

Our team of professional consultants, well-versed in the automotive and mobility industry, provides comprehensive support from screening to various coordination services.”

High Retention Rate

Retention Rate: 97%

The retention rate of candidates we have introduced from Turnpoint Consulting is 97% within the first 6 months of their joining. We also provide regular follow-up support to candidates even after they have joined.

360° Recruitment Support

Leveraging our two-sided approach, our consultants seamlessly bridge the gap between companies and job seekers. Through compelling narratives, we convey the attractiveness of your company and provide consulting support as an extension of your HR department.

Initiatives to Achieving High Retention Rate

Support as an Extension of Your HR Team

Support as an Extension of Your HR Team

Rather than merely listing job openings, we enhance application numbers by effectively communicating your company’s strengths to potential candidates. Additionally, to understand the level of support provided by our consultants, we conduct surveys with your company every six months. Based on feedback, including challenges and areas for improvement, shared by your recruitment team, we continuously strive to enhance our services.

Transparent Information Sharing

Transparent Information Sharing

Reducing the risk of mismatching between positions and candidates is often related to the clarity of information gathered and shared between clients and candidates.
This is why we make every effort to work in close partnership with customers to understand and represent them accurately on the market. Honest sharing of information encourages the best decision making for both clients and candidates and reduces the risk of unnecessary surprises to maximize our customer’s success.

Service Flow 

Question & Answer

Where can you provide support?

We currently only provide services for positions that are based in the Japan region. Due to the Japanese recruiting license, we are unable to provide support for local hiring overseas.

However, we can provide support for projects in which a candidate is hired in Japan and then stationed or transferred to an overseas office.

Is it possible to hire contract or temporary staff?

We do not provide support for temporary employees. We can provide support for the hiring of contract employees, although the contract must be for at least one year.

What types of positions can you handle?

Our approach is based on an active sourcing approach, so we can handle any type of position providing we have solid engagement with your firm and that those needs are of urgency to your firm. If the role is mission critical to you – we are ready for that challenge.

In the past our strengths have been in sales, marketing, engineering, and industry-specific niche positions such as embedded software, homologation, quality, after-sales, etc.

Do you do retained searches?

Currently we are not engaged in retained search but for Executive level positions we often work exclusive contingency searches and deliver the same level of quality as retained search.

What languages do you speak?

We can provide services in Japanese, English, Chinese and German.

What is your fee?

We support all projects on a contingency fee basis and we work on industry standard terms for the Japan market.

We focus on quality rather than quantity when recommending candidates, so please feel free to contact us for more information.

We are here to provide support or advice when needed so contact us anytime.

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