Career Support

Evaluating career goals and identifying compatible companies to establish a strong match.

At our company, we do not separate responsibilities between account managers for employers and job seekers. Instead, a single consultant handles both the employer and job seeker sides. This unified approach allows us to gain a comprehensive understanding of the company’s requirements and hiring situation, enabling us to provide tailored support throughout the selection process for each individual organization.

We offer tailored career support to each individual

Drawing on an extensive network, we leverage our connections to introduce the most suitable job opportunities tailored to each person’s preferences.

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Human Resource Flow in the Mobility Industry

  • “Fluctuations in Labor Demand in the Manufacturing Industry”
  • (Based on materials from the Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry)

Talents Trends in Mobility & Automotive Industries

For non-engineer positions, it is expected that the number of job opportunities will gradually decrease due to changes in customer behavior, such as the rise of online sales, digitalization, and improved operational efficiency through AI. Consequently, skills related to adapting to the changing times, such as automation and process optimization, are increasingly sought after.

For engineer positions, there is an overall increasing trend in job opportunities; however, talent shortage remains a challenge, leading to a demand for attracting skilled professionals from overseas. In the automotive industry, research and development as well as innovation are progressing in new areas such as sustainable energy solutions and autonomous driving technology. Therefore, expertise in cutting-edge technologies such as environmental technology, AI, and data analytics is becoming increasingly valued.

Turnpoint Consulting is mobility specialized recruitment firm

About 80% of positions in the market are shared with agents but not made public as this saves companies time and ensures a more efficient recruitement process. The most exclusive roles are shared only with a select few partners with exceptional market knowledge such as Turnpoint Consulting.

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Confidential Positions

Only 20% of jobs in the market are openly posted.

Resume &Interview Preparation

How to make Japanese Documents

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How to Make a Resume

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Interview Preparation

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Questions & Answers 

What are the industries that Turnpoint can introduce to candidates?

Automotive and Mobility Markets are a core focus area and because there is a lot of convergence from adjacent industries, we also cover companies in the Software/IT, Consulting, Financial Services, Semiconductor and Manufacturing Industries.

What are the functions that Turnpoint can introduce to candidates?

We work with a broad range of functions with strengths in sales, marketing and engineering but have roles ranging from IT Project Managers to Purchasing and from HR to Finance and Accounting. This is because we are focused on working in close partnership with companies to find professionals for any roles they are struggling to find on their own.

Do you also provide temporary positions?

We only work on permanent positions and occasionally there are direct contract positions and so we do not work on any temporary roles.

Can I register even if I am not thinking of changing jobs right now?

Yes of course – please feel free to register. You may not be proactively looking to change now but it really helps to have a trusted recruitment partner in the market to keep you up to date on opportunities in the market that you may miss if you are not known to us.

The other benefit of course is that you get to put your thoughts together and learn more about potential career options so you can better plan your career advancement.

Is it possible to do an initial career consultation after 18:00 since I am very busy with my current job during the daytime?

We can be flexible to meet with you depending on your schedule. If your schedule does not allow for meetings during working hours on weekdays, then our consultants will try to find suitable times to schedule.

For the career consultation to proceed smoothly, we would appreciate it if you would register on our registration page to provide us with more detailed information about your current situation.

What is the best way to meet with you for a career consultation?

Things are moving slowly back to normality after the pandemic, and we do believe that face-to-face meetings still provide the highest value in terms of establishing a credible professional relationship. However, if your schedule doesn’t allow for a face-to-face then we are happy to have an online meeting via TEAMS or by telephone.

Online and phone meetings make it possible for us to be available to you wherever you are in the world so please feel free to register with us.

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