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Resume Correction and Interview Preparation

Provide Opportunities with Confidential Positions

Support Flow

1.New Registration

We do not force you to move right away– we might even suggest you to consider remaining in your current position. Please feel free to register through our new registration page.

2.Meeting & Document Preparation

During the meeting, we will discuss your requirements and your goal throughout your career change. We can also help you with the preparation of your resume and other documents.

3.Position Introduction

We will make suggestions based on your interests and needs among the jobs available at the moment. we will continue to introduce you to upcoming positions once they become available.

4.Interview Preparation

We will recommend you directly to the hiring manager. In addition to scheduling interviews, we provide interview preparation for each company you apply.

5.Offer & Joining the Company

We will negotiate together on hiring conditions and salary if necessary. We will also provide you with advice on resignation procedures once the job offer is made.

Our Strength


We have knowledgeable consultants who specialize in the automotive and mobility industries. We provide individual support, from job introductions utilizing our strong network within the industry to interview preparation based on our extensive company knowledge.

In addition, we may be able to introduce you to confidential positions through our connections with companies.

|Strong in Foreign Companies

We have many foreign nationals and bilingual consultants on our staff, and we have earned the trust of many foreign companies due to our smooth cooperation with their overseas headquarters.

We have a wide variety of job openings where you can make the most of your language skills, and we will support you in making a career change based on language skills.

We have positions available not only with foreign companies, but also with Japanese companies. Please contact us for further information.

|360° recruitment

We opt for 360° recruitment style where a consultant is responsible for both the company and the candidate.

Since the information we receive from companies can be delivered directly to you via our consultants, the transparency in information exchange and the speed of communication will give you peace of mind in your job search.

We are also specialists in the companies we work with, thus we are able to provide high quality job introductions and support during the process.

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Questions & Answers 

What are the industries that Turnpoint can introduce to candidates?

Automotive and Mobility Markets are a core focus area and because there is a lot of convergence from adjacent industries, we also cover companies in the Software/IT, Consulting, Financial Services, Semiconductor and Manufacturing Industries.

What are the functions that Turnpoint can introduce to candidates?

We work with a broad range of functions with strengths in sales, marketing and engineering but have roles ranging from IT Project Managers to Purchasing and from HR to Finance and Accounting. This is because we are focused on working in close partnership with companies to find professionals for any roles they are struggling to find on their own.

Do you also provide temporary positions?

We only work on permanent positions and occasionally there are direct contract positions and so we do not work on any temporary roles.

Can I register even if I am not thinking of changing jobs right now?

Yes of course – please feel free to register. You may not be proactively looking to change now but it really helps to have a trusted recruitment partner in the market to keep you up to date on opportunities in the market that you may miss if you are not known to us.

The other benefit of course is that you get to put your thoughts together and learn more about potential career options so you can better plan your career advancement.

Is it possible to do an initial career consultation after 18:00 since I am very busy with my current job during the daytime?

We can be flexible to meet with you depending on your schedule. If your schedule does not allow for meetings during working hours on weekdays, then our consultants will try to find suitable times to schedule.

For the career consultation to proceed smoothly, we would appreciate it if you would register on our registration page to provide us with more detailed information about your current situation.

What is the best way to meet with you for a career consultation?

Things are moving slowly back to normality after the pandemic, and we do believe that face-to-face meetings still provide the highest value in terms of establishing a credible professional relationship. However, if your schedule doesn’t allow for a face-to-face then we are happy to have an online meeting via TEAMS or by telephone.

Online and phone meetings make it possible for us to be available to you wherever you are in the world so please feel free to register with us.

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