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Service Flow from Registration to Employment

Step 1: Registration

Candidate Consulting Services are free of charge. We will contact you after receiving your registration.

Step 2: Initial Meeting – Opportunities

Initial meeting will cover your motivation for job change, your career background and achievements. Positions introduced will be aligned to both your background, achievements and expectations.

Step 3: Applications – Interviews

Résumé will be sent to companies you have agreed to apply to. We will arrange the scheduling of interviews, provide interview preparation, follow up debriefings and feedback from clients.

Step 4: Offer – Employment

Your consultant will negotiate on your behalf regarding the offer conditions and starting date. Offers will be presented to you through your consultant. Resignation Process Advice will be provided.

Step 5: Follow Up

After joining your new firm we will keep in touch to provide support or advice when needed so contact us anytime.

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