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Turnpoint Consulting is mobility specialized recruitement firm 

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What We Do

We provide consulting support to our clients in sales, marketing, business planning, automated driving, IoT, Big Data, engineering, and other mobility-related fields to solve their recruitment needs. Our job is essentially to identify, attract and introduce the most suitable candidates and create opportunities to become “turning points” for both clients and individual professionals.

Our Mission

We are dedicated to advancing our customers in the automotive and mobility industries and this focus allows us to be exceptionally knowledgeable and respected in the industry. Our consultants are market masters who keep abreast of new technology, trends, and services in the ever-evolving mobility industry through diligently studying and networking with professionals in our industry.  This dedication allows us to create “Turning Points” for individuals and corporations in this industry.


Work-Life Balance

Our flexible work schedule allows you to adjust your work hours to fit your lifestyle. The ideal consultant at Turnpoint Consulting is who values their results and their outputs, working professionally with maximum efficiency while balancing for study, hobbies, and family.


Average Age


Percentage of employees taking paid leave(%)




Gender Ratio(%)



Open Communication

We have an environment where everyone can actively exchange opinions and consult with each other. We have open spaces where we can eat lunch together, chat with colleagues, sharing both good news and bad. It is an environment where we can work together in a professional yet fun and supportive manner. It is an environment where we listen and we can be heard.


Turnpoint Consulting values diversity and it can be seen in the number of nationalities and the gender balance in our organization.  Our official language as well as all internal systems are in English. We have employees from various cultures and background, focused on common goals and values.


From new starters to experienced consultants, we trust you and expect you to act and be professional in your appearance and behavior.  There is a good foundation of support ready to help consultants grow and develop further professionally.

Career Progression

1.Bi-Annual Evaluation System

Employees plan for half year periods and in the middle of those half year cycles there is a feedback meeting to check in on progress and a full evaluation meeting at the end of those 6 months to evaluate both what you achieved and how you achieved your results. Our grade promotions as well as incentive systems are clear and transparent.

2. Support for Self-Improvement

We provide opportunities to learn and grow to encourage our consultants’ continuous development and this includes:

→ Language Training (Japanese/English)

→External Seminar Training

3. Commendation System 

The firm has an award system for employees who have contributed to improving the company’s performance or who have set a good example for other employees. Employees who commit themselves to goals and achieve outstanding results under a fair evaluation system regardless of age are eligible to receive awards, special leave, cash prizes, travel vouchers, and more.

→ Annual MVP

→ Top Biller Awards

→ Best Practice Awards

Corporate Value


We are respectful and considerate to our customers and colleagues.​


We commit to the actions required for the growth of our customers and for our firm.


We speak the truth & build our reputation on honest, open communication.


We are professional and disciplined in our behavior and appearance.

Continuous Improvement

We focus on always improving incrementally in everything we do.

Turnpoint Consulting is mobility specialized recruitment firm 

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