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Are you ready to accelerate your career in the dynamic world of automotive and mobility recruitment ?

Would you like to become a recruiter specializing in the automotive and mobility industry? The automotive industry is currently undergoing a once-in-a-century transformation. In such a dynamic industry, you will connect registrants who want to further their careers in the market with clients who want to accelerate their growth, creating a Turning Point for the success of both businesses.

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At Turnpoint Consulting, we are actively hiring


Table Talk: Inside Perspectives (JP/EN mixed Content)

We interviewed three employees of varying ages and backgrounds to discuss how they joined the company, their future career visions, what they appreciate about the company, and what they find fulfilling in their work.

We hope this interview offers you a deeper insight into Turnpoint Consulting’s corporate culture—something that cannot be fully captured on our website alone—and encourages you to learn more about our company.

Corporate Overview

Corporate History

Turnpoint Consulting was established in 2016.

Initially starting from a corner of a shared office, the office expanded as the company grew and the number of employees increased, and the current office is the third one.


Turnpoint Consulting consists of employees from various nationalities.

We understand that each of our employees have a different culture and values, therefore we have a culture of learning from and supporting each other.

Corporate Vision

Our mission is to be the number one global recruitment agency in the mobility industry and to support the growth of the industry at the forefront.

We named ourselves with the hope that we become the best turning point for our clients and candidates by specializing in their industry and increasing our expertise.

Career Progression

Evaluation System

We offer feedbacks once every quarter and an evaluation interview every six months, providing opportunities for bi-annual promotions and salary increases.

We have an evaluation system based on individual growth by constantly reviewing employees’ work and performance with their managers.

Study Program

After joining the company, you will have an on-the-job training program for one month. You will receive extensive support and guidance from your manager and senior consultants directly in the office.

After the OJT period, we continue to support employees’ growth by providing language programs and encouragement for external training and seminars according to the needs and intentions of each employee.

Work Abroad

To expand our business overseas, we make business trips to overseas mobility events and exhibitions several times a year.

You can also envision an overseas career with a view to establishing an overseas branch in the future.

Corporate Culture

Work-Life Balance

We offer flexible work style, such as a flextime system with core hours between 10am and 4pm.

We also have an extensive leave system, including refreshment leave and sick leave.

Our employees’ take-up rate of paid holidays is high, enabling employees to have a balanced work style.

English Environment

The nationalities in the office are diverse, and the official language is English.

Those whose native language is not English take the TOEIC test every six months, and the language program can be provided according to the results.


We have an excellent teamwork environment within the company as we have a completely in-office work style.

In addition to work-related events, we are fostering an open and cohesive organizational culture through various internal events such as monthly tea time events, lunches with the CEO, year-end dinner parties, company trips, etc.

At Turnpoint Consulting, we are actively hiring

An Overview of Turnpoint Consulting Through Numbers

Turnpoint Consulting’s culture is reflected in its data.

We have a culture that recognizes different people and respect their individuality, as is reflected in the diversity of our employees. In addition, we promote a flexible work style, to enable our employees to lead both fulfilling professional and personal lives.

For more information on the benefits we offer, please refer to the Job Description page.



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