Turnpoint for Kids

At Turnpoint Consulting, we aim to assist individuals in advancing their careers. Guided by this principle, our CSR initiatives focus on creating turning points in people’s lives. While our impact may seem subtle, we aspire to aid participants in envisioning brighter futures.


Certified NPO|Kids Door

With the ongoing advancement of globalization in these days, we have started backing Kids’ Door, a certified non-profit organization, to aid language learning initiatives.

We aim to use a portion of our sales proceeds to inspire as many children as possible to engage in language learning activities.

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Adults and children around a table at a party in a garden.

Certified NPO|Good Neighbors Japan

In our initial attempt towards social responsibility, we have started supporting Good Neighbors Japan with the aim of dealing with poverty issues related to access to food, which is a fundamental necessity in daily life.

Good Neighbors Japan is a non-profit organization dedicated to supplying food to single-parent households, aiming to eventually reduce the number of families in need.

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Turnpoint for Employees

Turnpoint Consulting is dedicated to establishing a fair and efficient environment, enhancing internal systems, and ensuring every employee can work with confidence and concentration.

Our goal is to foster a healthy and satisfying experience for our employees. We are committed to create a workspace where they can thrive, grow, and find fulfillment in their professional development.

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Work-Life Balance

We have implemented a flextime system (10:00-16:00) to prioritize work-life balance, fostering an environment  that allows flexible work arrangements.

Furthermore, we provide health check-ups for employees aged 40 and above to monitor their well-being and promote health awareness. Additionally, we are in the process of establishing a company-wide influenza vaccination program.

Paid Leave Acquisition Rate


We are dedicated to ‘diversity and inclusion’, with our staff with diverse backgrounds and experiences, united in purpose. Our team comprises individuals of various nationalities, with diversity in language, culture, and values, which serves as our strength.



Evaluation & Training

♦ Evaluation

We operate on a biannual evaluation system, offering opportunities for promotion and salary increases twice a year. Our assessment process is designed to be swift and equitable, focusing on evaluating each employee’s development and performance accurately.

♦ Training Programs

    • English Support: We offer English language training to enhance communication skills internally, given that internal communication is conducted in English. Additionally, we offer support for enhancing Japanese language skills through online training and other resources.
    • External Seminar Program: We offer opportunities for employees to engage in training across various domains, such as management and sales. We assist our staff in enhancing their skills and knowledge through participation in external seminars and training initiatives.

Annual Awards

♦ Most Valuable Player Award 

This award is given to a consultant who exhibits the most exceptional performance throughout the year. It is presented to a consultant who has showcased remarkable performance by achieving significant sales growth.

♦ Top Biller Award

This award is given to consultants with outstanding achievements, with annual sales exceeding 30 million yen.

♦ Best Practice Award

This award is given to a consultant who has provided the most outstanding job search assistance throughout the year, selected from the receivers of “monthly best practice,” an award dedicated to honor the most remarkable placement of the month. The award recognizes achievements that inspire the entire team through a progressive and effective approach.

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