The Turnpoint Consulting Advantage

Turnpoint Consulting was established with the vision of helping our customers in the mobility industry to advance.

Our focus is exclusively on the mobility sector. We are deeply familiar with the latest developments and trends, and this allows us stay ahead of the market. We also have a clear grasp of the talent available because we are regularly meeting candidates with specific skill sets relevant to the automotive industry.

There is value in our market intelligence and extensive network, but this value is amplified when it comes with the relationship-driven focus of our consultants.


We work best with clients and candidates who are invested in developing trusting professional relationships.

Trust takes time to build and can be lost very quickly, which is why we never underestimate the importance of empathy and the value of open and honest communication.


When you work with Turnpoint Consulting, you can rest assured that we always have your best interests in mind. This is the foundation of a genuine partnership.

As a result, the mobility companies we recruit for have peace of mind knowing we are fully committed to bringing them the best candidates — pre-screened and accurately represented — so there are no unnecessary surprises. For the candidates we partner with, we give serious consideration to what the best next move for their careers should be.


Just as our clients and candidates are committed to a specific outcome, we are committed to getting the best results for them.

For clients, this means that we constantly meet with new candidates, who work in mobility or adjacent industries, to be able to best meet their hiring needs.

For candidates, this means that we use a consultative listen-first approach — we don’t have a sales pitch. We simply present you with opportunities that will take your automotive career in the right direction.

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