My Internship Experience at Turnpoint Consulting Vol.1

Hey there! I’m Patrick. Originally from Taiwan, I completed my MBA at Waseda University and am currently interning at Turnpoint Consulting. During my time at Turnpoint Consulting, I’ve had the opportunity to learn the fundamentals of working and experience growth in an international workplace environment.

In this article, I’ll be summarizing my three-month internship experience, covering reasons for choosing Turnpoint Consulting, insights into the workplace environment, and lessons learned through the marketing internship.

1. Why Choose Turnpoint Consulting ? 

Before diving into this question, I believe it’s necessary to share a bit about why I am interested in recruitment. I always enjoy learning new things and am adept at taking on new challenges. Additionally, I have a personality that thrives on connecting with various people and groups. The recruitment world aligns perfectly with these qualities, prompting me to seize the opportunity for an internship in this industry. 

As for why I chose Turnpoint Consulting, there are a couple of key reasons. First and foremost, they specialize in automotive recruitment. Given my previous experience working for a foreign automotive manufacturer in Taiwan, I felt that my background could be effectively utilized in this context. Another significant aspect was the company’s use of English as its internal language. A workplace environment where English is used allows for easy communication with anyone, making it comfortable and welcoming, especially for international workers. 

Moreover, one of the most significant factors in my decision was the internship interview process. Instead of the typical question-and-answer format, it was a casual conversation with Andre and Yukie, the founders. In this selection process, emphasizing not only the desire to work as an intern but also discussing what I could bring to the team was crucial. In reality, they appreciated my ideas, and that, along with other factors, led me to choose to intern at Turnpoint Consulting. 

2. How was Turnpoint Consulting ‘s Work Environment and Corporate Culture? 

Given the relatively short duration of three months, I cannot claim to have a complete understanding of Turnpoint Consulting’s corporate culture. However, from the perspective of an intern, I sense that Turnpoint Consulting values an open and high-performance culture, particularly emphasizing innovation in its startup-like environment. These factors significantly enriched my internship experience. 

Compared to other companies, everyone at Turnpoint Consulting has been exceptionally kind, always ready and willing to assist whenever I have questions. Additionally, I found the work environment to be conducive to easy communication and filled with friendly individuals, both within and outside of work-related settings. 

Year End Party

*『Year End Party 』

3. What are The MarketingIntern Tasks? 

Reflecting on my time as a marketing intern, the first day was quite nerve-wracking. I couldn’t help but wonder if I had sufficient capabilities to excel in this internship. However, as it turned out, there was nothing to worry about. The orientation process was smooth, with a detailed plan outlining the steps to be taken, allowing me to learn and progress. 

My initial task involved conducting an analysis of competitor companies. Through this assignment, I had the opportunity to compare and learn about the business landscape of the industry and the marketing strategies employed by other companies. Following the competitor analysis, I presented my findings to managers and supervisor, providing insights into how Turnpoint Consulting could enhance its marketing efforts. What surprised me was their genuine interest in engaging with me and not dismissing my suggestions simply because I was an intern. They provided valuable feedback, enriching my understanding of the industry. 

As time went on, I became more involved in managing social media platforms such as LinkedIn and Instagram, creating content for these channels. In addition to these tasks, as mentioned earlier, my supervisor consistently demonstrated a proactive attitude in providing opportunities. If there was something specific, I wanted to try, I could discuss it with him. Had I continued the internship for a longer duration, there might have been additional tasks or projects for interns to explore, such as video production, email marketing, or analyst responsibilities.

4. What I’ve learned from my Internship at Turnpoint Consulting?

 As my internship at Turnpoint Consulting nears its end, I find myself reflecting on the past three months. One of the invaluable gains from this experience has been the opportunity to connect with remarkable individuals within the company. Absorbing their stories and experiences has not only fostered meaningful friendships but has also deepened my understanding of the intricacies of business complexity. 

Listening to the insights shared by employees who are actively engaged in their roles has been particularly enlightening. As a recent graduate, this experience has provided me with valuable perspectives to envision my future career path. 

In terms of specific skills acquired, I have developed a deeper understanding of industry trends in the automotive and recruitment sectors. Focusing on social media, I’ve also gained knowledge in areas such as SEO and marketing strategies. 

These experiences have collectively contributed to my personal and professional growth, making this internship at Turnpoint Consulting a truly enriching and enlightening chapter in my journey. 

Patrick working

5. Reflection

Spending nearly three months at Turnpoint Consulting as an intern has been nothing short of amazing.

I have sensed a workplace culture that extends beyond mere goal achievement, emphasizing a serious atmosphere of teamwork. The standout aspect for me is the open and collaborative environment, not only for daily intern tasks but also for proposing new ideas and endeavors. 

I also extend heartfelt gratitude to Shin, the Marketing team lead. His enduring patience and support, along with insights into the strategic significance of our work and helpful tips, have been invaluable. Venturing into the realms of digital marketing and market research felt like opening a door to an entirely new world for me. I have learned a multitude, and my internship at Turnpoint Consulting has become an unforgettable experience. 

In closing, for those seeking a place to foster personal growth, have fun, and engage in continuous learning, Turnpoint Consulting offers an ideal environment. I am confident that it will be a fantastic experience for everyone who decides to join!