Aki Yoshikawa

Software Platforms & Consulting | Consultant 

Originally from Gunma Prefecture and now lives in Tokyo. Her hobbies are cooking and relaxing outdoors.

After studying abroad in Ireland, she worked for three and a half years as a sales representative for a major advertising company.

She is dreaming of a future where she can aid in the advancement of driverless technology.

Main Area

    • IT /DX Firm
    • Mobility Service Firm
    • Consulting Firm

Message to Client

There are three things that I keep in mind when recruiting.

1) Identify and propose career possibilities to candidates who may not have considered your industry or company yet.

We also network outside of our focus industry to identify people who may not have considered your industry as a career option and engage them to develop a genuine interest.

2) Knowledge of the Automotive/Mobility industry

→ We inform candidates about future trends, the interesting aspects of the automotive/mobility industry, and its future potential.

3) Unrivaled Closing Power

→ We know that many big firm agents generally just list the jobs they have and introduce them without careful consideration, but we tell the story of why your company is the best option for the candidate by deeply engaging with your firm to understand your story.

We want to work together with you to make your recruitment a success! I strongly believe in this. I have a lot of respect for HR professionals who are dedicated to attracting great talent to their organization.

I would be happy to support you in meeting your hiring needs so that we can reduce the burden on your HR staff as much as possible. I look forward to working with you.

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Message to Candidate

There are three things I am conscious of when providing career support to candidates.

1) To provide accurate advice on what kind of life plan you are thinking of and how to achieve your career goals.

2) Provide information about the culture, environment, business challenges, career path, medium- to long-term plans, and team atmosphere of each company we introduce you to.

3) To suggest potential career paths, not only for those who have not yet decided on a career path, but also for those who are not yet aware of their own potential career paths.

Changing jobs is an important turning point in your life. With so many companies out there, where can you find an environment where you can work in your own way, and where can you make the most of your abilities?

I would be happy to work with you to find out your market value and introduce you to a position at a company that is right for you. Of course, before the interview, we will provide you with accurate information to help you navigate through the interview process, as well as practical advice on how to maximize your appeal.

Even if it’s not the right time for you to change jobs now, we can help keep you informed of market opportunities for the future, check your career direction and exchange information. I would be happy to have a mid to long term professional relationship with you.

We try to create an environment for you to talk openly about your career and we believe the best way to do this is through honesty. Let’s work together to achieve your satisfying career growth.

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