Bliss Marcel 

Complete Product Team  |  Senior Consultant 

Marcel was born in Germany and completed a Master of Arts in History with a focus on Japanese-American and Japanese-German relations at Ruhr-University Bochum. He was awarded a scholarship from the German Academic Exchange Service and spends a year at Kyushu University in Fukuoka to study more about Japanese History and Culture and improve his Japanese skills.

After working for the Japanese Hotel industry for 5 years in Tokyo, he joined Turnpoint Consulting in early 2022, where he is part of the Complete Product Team. He strives to become a link to connect top-tier companies and highly-qualified candidates in the automotive industry and contribute to personal and professional growth, on the one hand, and client success on the other.

In his free time, Marcel loves to travel, go to the gym or set new lap times playing car-racing games on his videogame console.

Main Area

• Foreign Importer/Japanese Complete Vehicle Manufacture

• Dealer

Message to Client

Trust is one of the most important assets in the relationship between recruiter and candidate, but the same applies to recruiter and client. I will try my utmost to earn your trust so that you can trust me with efficient talent acquisition, as I will introduce you to a rich pool of high-quality candidates.

As the automotive industry becomes more and more open to hiring from other industries to realize their ambitious projects for digitalization and sustainability, hiring of good candidates becomes equally more competitive and great talents can disappear from the market in an instant.

It is my purpose to identify these talents and send you quality instead of quantity. This is the creed that I try to follow to facilitate your hiring process. By establishing a fruitful, trustworthy relationship, I am sure we can both devote our effort to the growth of your company and help you stay competitive in the market thanks to the expertise of our candidates, but also professional consultants.

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Message to Candidate

Changing your job can be a very challenging and stressful journey, as it is a major step that will not only affect us but also our families. I desire to give you full support and counseling not only during the first crucial steps but also to prepare you effectively for screenings, and job interviews and provide you with assistance even after the contract signing.

I will listen to your needs, expectations, and career hopes to show you your career opportunities and productively link you to top companies in the Automotive and Mobility sector. It is my goal to establish a long-lasting mutual respectful and honest professional relationship with you to help you achieve your future targets.

Regardless of whether you have experience working in automotive or are just interested in making a change, please contact our team. The automotive industry is a challenging and innovative playground that will give you the opportunity to not only work globally but also to contribute to more ecological sustainability in the future.

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