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J-OEM + Mobility Services (JMS)

♦ Covered Area 

1. Japanese OEMs (JOEM) :

Synonymous with high tech and reliability, Japanese OEMs have greatly impacted the automotive world. From the engineers driving critical innovations in technology and safety to transforming the customer journey through the sales, marketing and aftersales functions, our consultants’ expertise and passion for excellence support some of the world’s most famous Japanese automotive manufacturers to identify and attract talent.


2. Mobility Services :

In the fast-evolving landscape of mobility services our specialized consultants are shaping the future of urban mobility, connected services, and innovative transportation solutions. We support a wide range of roles including data analytics, infrastructure engineers, user experience design and business development.  The future is about leveraging technology to drive the evolution of smart and sustainable mobility.

♦ Consultant

ポートレート 川崎華子

Hanako Kawasaki

Associate Consultant 

Graduated from the School of International Liberal Studies at Waseda University. While studying a wide range of fields including international relations, literature, and sociology, Hanako also studied abroad in Italy. In addition, she has experience as an English teacher and a long-term intern in the human resources industry.

After graduation, she joined a major barber and beauty company. After working in a wide range of back-office and planning positions, she joined Turnpoint Consulting. She mainly works with micro-mobility related companies and has a wide range of experience from technical positions to sales and back-office positions.

“I hope to work side by side with you and provide you with the maximum of career options. There is no problem even if you have not yet decided on anything, so please feel free to contact me for a consultation.
I also offer interviews in both Japanese and English. Please do not hesitate to contact me if you have any language concerns.”

ポートレート 呉検

Ken Go

Associate Consultant 

Ken is a sports enthusiast with a passion for weightlifting and running. He has been a member of the running club since middle school and has been running for over 10 years. He is also fluent in five languages, including Japanese, English, and Chinese, thanks to his experience living in Taiwan, China, and Japan.

After graduating from Meiji University and a vocational school in Japan, he worked in a comprehensive role for a Japanese video-related company. He then joined Turnpoint Consulting, where he has been working with major Japanese OEMs in the automotive industry, mobility service-related companies, and micro-mobility companies.

He is committed to providing full support for his clients’ career changes to the best of his abilities. He values each individual client and believes that everyone has the potential to achieve their goals. He is confident that he can help you reach your full potential and achieve your career dreams.

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