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Supplier Technologies (ST) Team 

♦ Covered Area 

We work primarily with Tier 1 automotive supplier companies and offer positions in sales, program managers, application engineers, and R&D. We have a particular focus on the areas of automated driving, electrification, in-vehicle infotainment systems, and connectivity.


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Automated Driving Technology:

Advanced driver assistance systems (ADAS) and automated driving technologies are revolutionizing the automotive industry. Our staffing consultants support companies by providing access to the best talent needed to shape the future of vehicle safety and automated driving. We support a wide range of positions, from embedded software engineers to hardware specialists working on cutting-edge technologies.


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In-Vehicle Infotainment Systems | Connectivity:

The in-vehicle infotainment (IVI) and connectivity environment is constantly evolving, and our talent consultants are focused on finding and placing the best talent to develop cutting-edge IVI systems, connectivity solutions, and in-car experiences. We support a wide range of disciplines from in-vehicle systems engineers to software engineers to electrical and electronic engineers.



In the electrification area, we focus on finding a broad range of talent, from battery development engineers and materials scientists to electrical engineering-focused electric propulsion system engineers. The push for electrification is steadily accelerating, and we are committed to matching industry leaders with the skilled professionals who will build the future of electrified vehicles.


♦ Consultants

ポートレート 藤田典之

Noriyuki Fujita

Team Manager | Senior Consultant 

For three and a half years at JAC Recruitment, a major recruiting firm, Nori specialized in venture, mid-sized to large companies, mainly in the automotive industry. He had connections with the management team and was in charge of sales, purchasing, and engineering positions in Japan as well as overseas assignments in North America, Southeast Asia, South America, etc.

After that, in order to contribute more to the development of the automotive industry, he has joined Turnpoint Consulting, covering both Japanese and foreign companies in the automotive industry from startups, Tier 1, and OEM manufacturers, and has been in charge of president, sales, soft hardware engineers, battery engineers, and other positions.  On his days off, he enjoys going camping and relaxing.


Annual MVP 2022 Awarded

Yuta Nakase, 中瀬雄太

Yuta Nakase


Born in Mie Prefecture. After graduating from university, Yuta worked in sales and management in the retail industry before joining Turnpoint Consulting.
He specializes in software and hardware for automated driving and infotainment systems, and mainly works for one of the largest suppliers in Japan. He can introduce not only engineering positions, but also sales, management planning, and various other job opportunities. His hobbies include running, surfing, hot yoga, and making curry from spices.

“Changing jobs is a major turning point in your life, so I will always look at it from the user’s perspective and provide maximum support so that you can change jobs without regrets.”

Mizuha Kirino, 桐野瑞翔

Mizuha Kirino


Born in Kansai, Japan. Lived in Canada from the 4th grade of elementary school to the 2nd grade of junior high school. After graduating from university, Mizuha worked as a sales representative for a children’s English conversation school before becoming a teacher. After working in the human resources industry for about 2.5 years, he joined Turnpoint Consulting. He is in charge of supplier companies and can introduce both Japanese and foreign companies. He handles a wide range of jobs, including sales, general back office, and software engineering positions.

He enjoys snowboarding, diving, and sauna.

“I will work closely with each and every one of you to find a new job that meets your needs and desires.”

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