Thao Pham   

Technology & Mobility Services Team| Consultant 

Born in Vietnam. Previously she worked in marketing for a telecommunications trade solutions company.
Thao joined Turnpoint in 2022 and is responsible for automotive suppliers as well as technology related issues such as automated driving.

Main Area

• IT/ Technology Firm

• Foreign Supplier

Message to Client

In order to ease your hiring manager’s burden as much as possible, I listen carefully, understand your needs, and communicate with you honestly and promptly.

I will work diligently with you so that i become your absolute preferred recriitment partner.

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Message to Candidate

I value the phrase “once in a lifetime” and would be honored to be a part of your career change. I will listen to what kind of life plan you have and what type of career you want to build and make the proper proposal for you.

Even if you do not yet have a clear goal or vision, I would like to make various proposals to help you find opportunities and “the world” that you have not yet discovered. I will continue to work diligently to stay in touch and check on your career progress and job satisfaction after you are on board.

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