Announcement of New Team Structure

Announcement of New Team Structure
We are pleased to announce that as of July 2023, we have reorganized our teams into four distinct areas. This new team arrangement allows us to provide specialized services in each field and strive to deliver high-quality services.

Here are the details of the new team structure:

♦ Importer & Financial Services Team

  • Responsible for foreign automotive manufacturers and financial services companies.

♦ J-OEM + Mobility Services Team

  • Responsible for Japanese manufacturers and mobility services companies.

♦ Supplier Technologies Team

  • Responsible for automotive parts suppliers including ADAS and Battery Technologies  

♦ Software Tools & Semiconductor Team

  • Responsible for software tools, semiconductors, and telecommunications.

For more detailed information, please refer to our consultant introduction page. We understand that there may be inconveniences due to changes in consultants for the representatives of the companies we serve. Nevertheless, we kindly ask for your continued support. Thank you for your understanding and cooperation.